5 things to note before getting your hair locked


In this article, we would cover some tips to note before you begin your locs journey. This would address some of your fears and some popular opinions on locs as well. Enjoy!

  • Get the required length

You have to have hair that can be locked. In other words, your hair has to have a minimum length, not a very long one, but should at least be a couple of inches. Having a one-inch length could be difficult to loc. Perhaps you could wait a short while to have it grow an extra inch. Or inquire from your loctician.

  • Spend some funds

You need to be ready to spend some money on your locs. From my experience, it has never turned out well for those that have it done for free. Well…except the professionals give some amazing promos. Generally, in Africa, Nigeria specifically, you have those that claim to offer locs services for a very small amount which is a complete red flag. Trust me, it is better to save till you can afford a loctician (someone skilled in making hair locs or dreadlocks)

  • Getting your hair loc’d is painful

You need to run the minute your supposed loctician tells you getting your hair locked comes with pain. This is so not true and it’s often said by stylists who are not necessarily locticians or by others who have had a terrible experience in getting their hair locked. Of course, installing locs can come with minimal pain, that tiny soothing pain gotten from just having your hair done, which is just like any other hairstyle but not an excessive pain.

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  • Your expert locs friend

You need to run once more! This time from friends who promise you that their neighbour who doesn’t own a salon, nor offer locs services has some way they do locs that is fast and very cheap as well. The neighbour who uses all sorts, like; kerosene, thread, toothpaste, some very thick gel and the like on their locs. This is quite common in Nigeria and perhaps other African countries. Run in such a manner that Tobi Amusan could never catch up with you.

  • Too much explanation

If you have to explain before they realise they can do it, then a lot of explaining will happen after they do. They would be bringing flimsy excuses on how your hair isn’t right for locs, or how it would form magically in a way.

There are many other things to consider before you embark on your locs journey but these are just a few basic but important ones to note.
Stay in touch as I share more tips and lessons on my locs journey. Meanwhile, what other tip do you think is equally important?
Can you relate to any of the tips above? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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