Shopping Basics

No, we do not offer hair extension services, attachment or wigs. We aim to let ladies realise the beauty of their hair and also to boost their esteem through that.

Our products are made of finely natural ingredients, extracted herbs and ingredients specially formulated to tend to your hair issues.

Just go to “Shop” and you’d see our ranges of products . Choose whatever product you may desire and proceed to checkout. You can also contact us on Instagram or Whatsapp (Check Contact)

Yes, you can use the locs products for your loose hair as they are light weight and very penetrative hence they’re very active . Although not all hair products for unlocked hair may be suitable for your locs.

There’s love in sharing! You, your child, your parents or friend could use them as well. Just remember to stock up well enough.

Yes we do, but we advise to book ahead to serve you better.

Yes, absolutely! You can check our Instagram page (Check “Contact”) for pictures and videos of customers like you then you can reach out to us via WhatsApp .

Yes! All locs can be loosened. We offer locs loosening as well. Not convinced? Skim through our Instagram page for reviews.

Yes you can. We have installed locs on relaxed hair and still offer such service.

No we do not offer children pricing. It’s sometimes more difficult to work on their hair due to their nature relative to adults. Moreover, the hair is same.

No ma’am. One of our key values is privacy for ladies. 


We currently use paystack although you can as well reach out to our business lines , send your cart to us and process a direct transfer (but responses may be slower ). 

After selecting your products, and proceeding to checkout, you can payments choosing your preferred option.

Shipping & Returns

Yes, we do. All international orders are processed and shipped within 10-14 business days. 

No refunds or exchanges. Hair Splash by Nana’s Khizana is not liable for goods damaged by any third party in transit. To receive a refund for damaged, lost or stolen goods, kindly put in a claim to the shipping company who damaged, lost or stole goods in transit. 


Still have questions?