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Hair Splash Distributorship

Hair Splash by Nana’s Khizana is a business in the hair care industry, aimed at satisfying the beauty needs of the contemporary woman in one visit. Apart from the hair care services Hair Splash currently offers, it offers a line of hair care products to maintain the shine and promote the black woman’s hair. It is the No. 1 brand with every African hair in mind (Locs, natural hair and relaxed hair )!

Our products are 100% safe and carefully curated to tend to the hair needs of Africans going from locs to your unlocked hair . 

Hair Splash products range includes Hair Growth stimulator, Locs Hydrating Deodorizer, Magically unlocked(to loosen your locs), Edge control, shampoos and much more ! (To know more about our products, go to “Shop” on the website and see our ranges of Products alongside their description)

Our vision is to have our products spread out in Africa as we tackle the increase of “products” being launched in the Africa market that doesn’t attend to our hair type needs .  Want to be part of this growth by enrolling in our Distributor Partnership Program ?


Adequate product information and education so you can consult with customers.

Free Marketing Tools

Reward system: there would be several rewards for people who put in the work and reach targets .

Trips : when we put up challenges and you’re able to attain it, you can win trips to Dubai, retreat trips and much more! 


Please kindly note – our minimum order requirement is N50,000

Please click this LINK to fill and complete the application form if you’re ready to hop on our Royal train to spread the best products that care for your hair to the rest of the world