Magically Unlocked .




You thought Locs couldn’t be loosened? Be it 2 years locs,10 years locs or more, this product would make you change your mind! With years of research, we’ve been able to curate the best product that’ll aid the loosening of your locs. You’d be surprised how much it melts the locs and makes its loosening easy-peasy!!

Also, this amazing “Magically Unlocked” is the solution to that natural hair that’s always tangled.
It makes your wash day go by very easily as it would aid detangling.

This is our gift to YOU!! Embrace your curls, embrace your hair! Let’s make you fall in love with it all over again.

Wet hair first before applying the Magically Unlocked from roots to hair tips. Then proceed to detangling or loosening locs (make sure your appropriate tools are prepared).

Detangling: Use before wash day session so as to detangle your hair.
Locs loosening: Apply when you want to loosen your locs and when you’re done loosening your locs to make detangling easier.

Aqua, salvia rosmarinus water, mentha piperita water, cucurbita pepo seed oil, nigella sativa oil, behentrimonium methosulfate.




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Magically Unlocked .