Full Hair Regime Set


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Have you had a hair regime? What’s your hair regime like? Or perhaps you are looking to be consistent with your hair care? The full hair regime kit is the perfect kit you need to begin your proper hair regime. If you do not have a hair regime, you can use this kit as a guide. To achieve your goals, you require patience and ‘catalyst towards the goal’. Let our products be that catalyst towards bringing you closer to your dream hair. Your only regret after purchasing this kit? That you didn’t get it earlier!

It includes:

  • Green tea moisturising shampoo
  • Pre-shampoo
  • Hair growth stimulator
  • Deep conditioner
  • Hydrating mist
  • Locs Growth stimulator
  • Microfiber towel
  • Crocodile clips
  • Tangle free leave-in conditioner
  • Micro mist spray bottle


  • It nurtures your hair with the right nutrients
  • It hydrates and moisturizes your natural hair
  • It prevents breakage
  • It gives you the best routine to achieving your dream hair!
  • It cleanses your hair without stripping moisture


Before proceeding to washing your hair with our shampoo, spray water all over your hair then proceed to dividing your hair in sections and use the crocodile clips to put them in place. Then take each section of hair and apply the Pre-shampoo. Use your fingers to detangle before using our Detangling comb. Put the crocodile clips when done detangling. Repeat for all sectioned parts Cover your hair for about 15 minutes. Then proceed to your wash session. After your wash session-Towel dry with our signature micro fiber towel. Then apply the hydrating mist into our signature micro mist hair spray bottle, then spray over your hair. Then, apply our Tangle-free leave in conditioner while finger detangling again. You can then proceed to twisting your hair or doing your desired style when you are done detangling.


  • Deep conditioning treatment-This can be done every 2 weeks to nourish your hair. This should be done after washing your hair. Applying steamafter applying deep conditioner to your hair is very beneficial! You can apply the steam with a Steamer or you can cover your hair with a processing cap then further cover with about 2 towels to trap in heat.



We advise you to maintain your hair appropriately. You can use the products as often as you wish, but you would not want an overuse of products to avoid build ups/clogging of the scalp.

Also, don’t rush your wash-days as they could result in breakage of the new hair growth length achieved. Take your time during your wash-days.

You can take down your protective style a day before your wash day and detangle it appropriately then put your hair in chunky twists so that your wash day won’t be rushed and you can minimize breakage .

Kindly note-Shedding is normal. Shedding is different from Breakage. You can’t exactly control your hair shedding but you can control breakage .


For more information on how to use the products, kindly check the label of individual products or check the products on our page. You should give us a follow on Instagram for updates and how-to’s.






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Full Hair Regime Set